20th October 7:12pm (GMT-5)

Tromso - Grorud 25.09.2020


3 - 1


1st Half
13' goal Ingebrigtsen, Mikael Noro
28' goal Kitolano, Eric

34' goal Drammeh, Omar Bully
2nd Half
53' goal Antonsen, Kent Are

70' substitution Pedersen, Steffen / Berntsen, Daniel

75'   Jenssen, Ruben
83' substitution Wangberg, Simen / Gundersen, Jostein

90' substitution Jama, Mohammed / Ingebrigtsen, Mikael Noro
90' substitution Hafstad, Tobias / Antonsen, Kent Are

90'   Hafstad, Tobias

59' substitution Dahlby, Magnus Lankhof / Hristov, Nikolai Jakobsen

73' substitution Agouda, Abdul Basit / Drammeh, Omar Bully
73' substitution Hauge, Runar / Ness, Fabian Ostigard
73' substitution Ahmed, Faysal Mohamed / Zafeiris, Christos

83' substitution Meyer, Geirald / Murray, Trace Akino

90'   Dahlby, Magnus Lankhof

Match details
3 Score 1
68 Attacks 45
55 Ball possession 45
8 Corner kicks 6
38 Dangerous Attacks 21
7 Shots off goal 4
8 Shots on goal 2
4 Substitutions 5
2 Yellow cards 1
icon Match started
icon 13` Goal 1 — 0
Ingebrigtsen, Mikael Noro Mikael Noro Ingebrigtsen is on target to give Tromsoe IL a 1-0 advantage..
icon 28` Goal 2 — 0
Kitolano, Eric Great finish from Eric Kitolano to give Tromsoe IL a 2-0 lead..
34` Goal 2 — 1 icon
Drammeh, Omar Bully Goal! The away team reduce the deficit to 2-1 through a strike by Omar Bully Drammeh. ..
icon 2nd half
icon 53` Goal 3 — 1
Antonsen, Kent Are Kent Are Antonsen puts the ball in the net and the home team extend their lead. The score-line now reads 3-1..
59` Substitution icon
Eirik Kjono is making the team's first substitution at Alfheim with Magnus Lankhof Dahlby replacing Nikolai Jakobsen Hristov..
icon 70` Substitution
Steffen Pedersen is replacing Daniel Berntsen for Tromsoe IL at Alfheim..
73` Substitution icon
Runar Hauge is replacing Fabian Ostigard Ness for the away team..
73` Substitution icon
Eirik Kjono (Grorud IL) is making a third substitution, with Abdul Basit Agouda replacing Omar Bully Drammeh..
73` Substitution icon
Faysal Mohamed Ahmed is on a sub for Christos Zafeiris for Grorud IL..
icon 75` Yellow card
Jenssen, Ruben Ruben Jenssen (Tromsoe IL) has received a yellow card from Steinar Hauge..
icon 83` Substitution
The home team replace Jostein Gundersen with Simen Wangberg..
83` Substitution icon
The away team have replaced Trace Akino Murray with Geirald Meyer. This is the fifth substitution made today by Eirik Kjono..
icon 90` Substitution
Tromsoe IL make their third substitution with Mohammed Jama replacing Mikael Noro Ingebrigtsen..
icon 90` Substitution
Tromsoe IL make their fourth substitution with Tobias Hafstad replacing Kent Are Antonsen..
90` Yellow card icon
Dahlby, Magnus Lankhof Magnus Lankhof Dahlby for Grorud IL has been booked by Steinar Hauge and receives a first yellow card..
icon 90` Yellow card
Hafstad, Tobias At Alfheim, Tobias Hafstad has been yellow-carded for the home team..

The competition of Tromso and the team of Grorud is held within the tournament of 1st Division at the Alfheim arena.
Date of the game: 25.09.2020 12:00
The referee of this match is Hauge, Steinar

Summary of previous confrontations between the team of Tromso and the team of Grorud:
The confrontation of Grorud and Tromso on 14.08.2020 finished with the score of 2:0.

Summary of the participants:
Team: Tromso
Country: Norway
Coach: Valakari, Simo

Team: Grorud
Country: Norway

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